Does Positive Dog Training Work?

Does positive training work? Can you train a shelter dog to compete with the purebred dogs?

Ginger was an 8 week old shelter puppy on the “red list” (for euthanasia) when my son and I brought her home from the Downey shelter.  Today she is a champion competitor, having added the AKC Utility Dog (UD) title to her list of accomplishments this summer.   The title demonstrates the ability of dogs and owners to work together at challenging tasks, even when the dog is a distance away.

It might not matter to you that your dog compete at this level — none of my dogs before Ginger competed like this and they were great dogs — but

you might want to see my dog and I working together anyway.  It provides another proof that the trainer you are hiring has skills and can produce results.

There are many trainers out there who do not train their own dogs, so choosing a dog trainer can be tricky. This Utility Dog competition shows
much more than a dog’s ability to fetch, jump and heel.  It shows a dog trained to pay attention even when there are big distractions (like tons of dogs, people, food and strange noises).  It requires the dog to think and problem solve independently.  It also proves comfortable behavior with strangers and a strong working relationship between the dog and owner.

I am particularly proud of how happy Ginger is to work with me.  Look at her soft bouncy body and her tail swaying back and forth – these are the signs of a happy dog.  See how she looks at me!!  That’s what you get from using the positive dog training methods that I use.  You get mutual respect, motivation, and joy.

When you watch this you may think Ginger and I are good.  (I hope you will think we are amazing!)  But, its true that we still have far to go and more titles to earn.   That is why I make a point of practicing and learning with the best trainers out there.  I  am grateful for what they have taught me.  I am honored to share what I have learned with you.

About Laurene

Laurene von Klan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer serving West Los Angeles
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