Walking Skills: Lure to heel position

Luring to Heel Position

To be successful Luring to Heel, you want to have practiced luring and use of a marker (yes or click).

Put your baited hand to your dog’s nose.  Step your left foot back and slowly bring your dog back a little bit behind you.  Step  your left foot forward,  and when your dog gets into heel position by your left leg mark it (yes or click) and  give the treat.

This is luring so we will use “Say it, Show it, Pay it.”

When your dog is moving with you successfully, add “With Me” or “Heel” or “Walking,”whichever cue you choose, at the start of the exercise.  After your dog is moving into position successfully begin to add a few steps.

Thank you, Chloe! (another great dog from rescue!)



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