Tether, Gate, Pen, or Crate

Set Yourself Up For Success: Tether, Gate, Pen, Crate

Management tools  — tether, gate, pen or crate —  prevent behaviors that dog owners DON’T like and dogs DO.  Chewing feels good, eliminating is a relief, and jumping means someone touches or at least looks at the dog.  That makes them self-rewarding — they have rewards built-in.  So its very important to prevent bad behaviors from starting so that that they don’t become habits.  Use prevention until you can teach an alternative rewarding behavior and until your puppy outgrows behaviors like chewing.

How can you prevent unwanted behaviors?  Use a tether, gate, pen or crate.

Where in your home can you use a tether to prevent jumping up for greetings and begging at the table.  How can you use a gate to prevent chewing? How can you use a pen to keep children from annoying your dog and reduce the chance that they might snap at the kids to tell them to go away?  How about using a pen to prevent house training errors?

Where to Locate a Tether, Gate, Pen, or Crate

Once you have identified these spots, keeping in mind that most of the time your dog wants to be part of the family.  And also keep in mind that if you will use a tether, gate pen or crate, you need to use them in a way that keeps your dog feeling comfortable and safe.  Do that by making these spots super rewarding to the dog.

Here is a good resource by the well-known trainer Pat Miller on using a tether.  A good one on using a gate from the Whole Dog Journal.

There are many resources on getting your dog accustomed to a crate.   Here is a good one  from Sophia Yin, DVM, a visionary leader in veterinary behavior and training.

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