Sit, Down, and Stand

Teaching Sit with Luring

Teaching sit is easy if you get the mechanics right.

1 – Say sit and put a treat to the dogs nose

2. then move your baited treat hand up so the dogs nose moves up.

For many dogs, steps 1&2 are enough.

This is true for the dog in this video. The trainers this video is using luring (Say it, show it, pay it.)

HOWEVER, with some dogs may you may need to push your hand back down to their nose a bit so that they drop their butt.  This is especially true for small dogs or jumpy dogs.

Teaching Sit Using Capturing

Another good way to teach sit is with capturing.  For many dogs if you stand in front of them with your hands clasped at your waist and some good treats in them they will eventually sit.  As soon as they sit, click/yes and treat.  In this video with kids they are just waiting for the fog to offer the sit, then they click and treat.

Here are some videos on down and stand

Videos are from two leadership voices in the training movement, Ian Dunbar and the Karen Pryor Training Academy.


About Laurene

Laurene von Klan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer serving West Los Angeles
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