Novice Obedience – Beginning Manners

Below are resources to help you practice skills that you and your dog are learning in my Novice Obedience/Beginning Manners class.  Private session clients can benefit from these, too.

Get off to a good start!  Spend adequate time on Charging up Your Marker and  Attention Games. These are important foundations.  Resources appear by class number. However, what we cover in class will vary!  There are so many ways to teach a behavior, and I don’t have videos of all of ways you can train your dog.

Sometimes, when I think it is helpful, I have provided links to good resources created by other trainers.

Try to practice two or three times a day for 5-10 minutes each time.

Thank you. I’ll see you and your dog in class.

Class #1

Charge up your marker — “Yes!,” click, or even better…both!
Do this three times a day, with 20 treats each time, for three days.

Attention Game: Watch Me

Management for Good Behavior: Feed Your Dog in Thirds
Use feeding to train and entertain your dog to prevent unwanted behaviors

Management for Good Behavior: Tether, Gate, Pen, Crate
These will help with house training, chewing, begging, and more

Learn How Your Dog Communicates The Family Dog

Keep people and dogs safe together by speaking dog

Get equipment that you need.  See this post for some of the products I like.  I often have some items for sale that if you bring cash to class.

Learn How Dogs Learn. This will help you become a better trainer, help your dog learn more quickly, and avoid troublesome mistakes.

Class #2

Attention Game: I’m Worth It This game helps teach your dog to give you attention and to move with you.  It is the beginning of loose leash walking, recall, and so many other important behaviors.

Practice LURING.    Lure her to sit, down, around your legs, and especially into heel position!  This will help you with all kinds of skills down the road and help teach your dog where you want her to be.

Lure your dog to Sit, Down, and Stand

Catch your dog doing what you like  with CAPTURING  Remember behaviors that are reinforced are behaviors that continue.

Class #3

Attention plus Distraction

Use  Sit To Say Please in your every day life with every day “life rewards.”  Use it at the door for going outside, for getting up on the couch, and bring your ideas on this to class!

Start Sit to Say Please with the food bowl.

Barking Solutions!  If your do not have a barking problem now, get yourself ready to prevent one by knowing what to do.

Practice “Find It

Practice The Name Game

REMEMBER!!!! Take treats on walks and click/yes and reward your dog every time they look at you, walk nicely by your side or sit at corners or at a manageable teaching distance from other dogs ( 15 feet or more for many dogs).

Class #4

Practice Hand Touches

Review Loose Leash Walking Tips

Establish a Reward Zone for delivering treats to your dog on the left side.  Build lots of value for your dog being there.

Practice Loose Leash Walking by getting your dog to move with you.  The first drill is more free form, good to practice in your yard or even your living room.  The second drill gets your dog moving in a line with you, while building lots of value for following you.

Review and practice  Loose Leash Walking Corrections

Teach your dog to Move With You backwards, turning, and forward

What to do about Jumping Up

Accustom your dog to the long line. Have him wear it and drag it around, supervised, at home and in a few other locations.   We want him to be used to it at class.

Class #5

Be the cookie when you call your dog.

Practice “Touch”   Then when you are done practice “find it. ”  Then stitch them all together!

Review Be The Cookie as practice for calling your dog.

Take treats on your walks!  Click/yes and reward attention to you.   Mark and reward your dog for being at your left side.

Accustom your dog to the long line.   Have him wear it for 5-10 minutes per day when he is having fun and you can supervise him. The might be while eating a chew, or even just sniffing around the yard.

Class #6

Who’s Your Momma  – Put some treats in your pocket when the dog isn’t looking.  Give on to a friend.  Ask that friend to stand in front of your dog with the cookie in their closed fist, not looking at the dog or moving much.  You walk about 5 feet away.  When your dog realizes he wont get the cookie from your friend, he will do something to disengage from them  — click/yes, encourage him to you and give him a cookie and praise when he gets to you.

Practice the release

Practice Bungee Stays 

Here is another good video by local trainer Glen Massie

The Do Nothing Exercise (from Train to Adopt) helps teach dogs to be calm.

Class #7

here is a link to help you practice “Leave It” – remember this drill is about teaching your dog its good to take its nose away from things.

“Leave It” – Get Started with Impulse Control and Good Manners

More on leash walking that covers some of the techniques we used.
The woman in this video (Emily Larlham/Kikopup) has many great free videos on her channel.  Check her out on youtube.

Remember to practice your walking skills including the “turn and go” that we did last week. This is a skill that you need to quickly avoid situations on leash!

Practice “leave it”   Try it with your hand on the floor and your hand on the ground. Here’s another great video by Donna Hill.  Try practicing leave it with your dog on leash.

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