Loose Leash Walking – No Pulling Tips

By I, Lilly M, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2312845

Tips for Training a Dog NOT to Pull

Use a tether at home.  If the tether is firmly attached to something solid the dog will learn that when he pulls nothing moves and he doesn’t get anywhere.  Its best st start this when the dog is a puppy but its never too late.

Learn to use a long line on walks in areas where you feel safe, so that your dog can explore more and have less opportunity to pull.

Establish  reward zone for your dog at your left side and then your right side.  If your dog gets used to being rewarded at your side he will gravitate to being there.

Walk faster when you walk your dog.  Stop occasionally when your dog wants to sniff and BEFORE he pulls.    I think some dogs pull so that they get more smell time while they wait for their owner to catch up.

Get your dog plenty of exercise BEFORE you walk.  I know, that sounds impossible…but try to let your dog eliminate once or twice outside then play in your yard or home to expend some on his energy.

Use the right equipment.  Depending on your dog, a front clip harness, martingale collar, or head collar will likely be helpful.  Some of you may like using a leash that attaches around your waist if you are not worried about being pulled down.  There are several available online.  And don’t forget your treat pouch!




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