“I’m Worth It”

I’m Worth It

As usual get some really delicious treats and start with a hungry dog.  Then go to your yard or kitchen.  A few mild distractions are good, so long as they are not too intense.  If you are outside have your dog on a leash or a long line, but only a foot or two away from you.  Let your dog sniff and look around.  Every time he looks at you tell him happily he’s a good dog and give him a treat.

Its great when our dogs to CHOOSE to pay attention to us.  That is why, for this drill, you need to be patient and WAIT for your dog to look at you.  Dogs will sometimes look at you for only fleeting moment.  Be prepared and catch that moment!

You can start this drill immediately, even with a young puppy.

But, if you have already charged up your clicker o established “yes” as a marker, use it.  As soon as your dog looks at you click or “yes” and treat.

Thanks to Patricia McConnell for this drill described in her Book The Puppy Primer.  Check out her books and publications here



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