Heeling Basics #3: Lure to Heel and Right Turn

Lure to Heel Position:

We are using a lure to get our dog into position and a marker (click or yes) to teach our dog where to be when we are walking.  When the dog gets to your left hip, mark and reward.

I don’t think dogs instinctively know that we expect them to turn with us when we walk.  So, we teach them that its a good behavior that we like.    In this drill, you start by marking any movement towards you after or while you step.  Deliver the reward by your left hip.  As the dog gets better following your steps, mark when the dog gets to your left hip or if he stays at your left hip, keeping pace with you.  As in earlier stages,  reward at your left hip.   Also, after your dogs gets the idea that she is to move with you as you turn, name the behavior and say “right” before you step to the right.  Its only fair that just as if you were walking with a  human friend you would tell them you are turning (unless its a familiar route and destination.)  So, its nice to have a word that you can use with your dog to tell her you are turning.


About Laurene

Laurene von Klan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer serving West Los Angeles
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