“Find it” training game

Find It

This is a game that has all kinds of uses.  Lets say you and your dog are approaching something that will get him excited on leash and you want to avoid it.    You can use this to redirect your dog.  Because your dog is working, he can also focus on something besides the exciting thing that is approaching (if its far enough) and develop a new habit for how to react in that kind of situation.

Its also great for practicing recall.  You send your dog away to get something rewarding and then he comes back!!

Here’s how to play:

Get some treats in your pouch or pocket. Say “find it,” then toss a yummy treat past the dog’s head a few inches where he can find it. Start by tossing near to and PAST the dog. Imagine skipping the treat along the floor like a mouse running a few inches away.  This also creates a scent trail.  Don’t toss it too far.

As the dog gets used to the game, you can toss further away.  Once he gets the game you can toss it one direction, and when he gets it, eats it, and looks up at you, turn around and toss it that direction.

Remember the sequence is important. Say “find it” THEN toss the treat.

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Laurene von Klan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer serving West Los Angeles
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