Be a Dog Whisperer

TIP #1: Be  A Dog Whisperer.  A lot of people want to use words as praise and to let their dog know when they are pleased as this can help with training.  But your dog doesn’t instinctively know what the words good dog mean.

Dog Whisperer

Dog Whisperer

Over time dogs can learn that the words good dog are rewarding because they often occur before things that your dog likes: happy experiences, petting and treats.

If your dog likes tummy rubs and petting, this will help you use praise words and petting as rewards in training. While you are giving your dog a great tummy rub say his name.  Pair his name with the words, “good dog”  –  “good dog Rover” for example, during petting.   Your dog will develop good associations with his name and the words “good dog.”  Your dog doesn’t really understand what these words mean!

When the dog hears those words he will think of tummy rubs, and that makes those words a lot more effective for praise next time you want to tell her you like the way she is staying or sitting.

My dog Ginger loves tummy rubs, and she gets them when she is on her bed near the couch in the evening when our family watches TV.  I rub her tummy and I  whisper “good Ginger, good girl.”

What’s great about whispering is that its different from your normal voice.  Dogs hear humans talking all the time and so they tend to turn out our normal speech.  By pairing whispers with praise you can get your dog to pay attention when you whisper!   Calling your dog with a whisper is so much nicer than raising your voice.

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Laurene von Klan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer serving West Los Angeles
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