Dog Training Equipment

For Novice Class you will need:

a flat buckle collar

6 foot leash

a mat like a floor rug or towel

treats (soft, small)

treat pouch

long line

water and bowl

poop bags

Below are some products I like.  Not all dogs and people are the same.  Your preferences and needs may differ!

Dog Training Equipment


Front clip harnesses are useful for training your dog to walk on a loose leash.  The clip in the front by the heck helps to redirect the dog to you when he pulls.  A harness also reduces your dog’s chances of getting hurt from pressure on the trachea when pulling.

My favorite harness is the Walk-in-Sync harness and leash combination.  I find it easier to put on than other styles and it does not impede the movement of the dog’s shoulders, which could be bad for puppy bone growth.  It sits further back on the body, too so is less likely to chafe under the arms.  Dogs are less likely to slip out of this style, too, in my opinion.

It comes with leash that has a snap on the handle so you can attach the dog to your belt easily.

Drawbacks: The leash handle is a little bulky.  This product DOES NOT give you as much control as the Sense-ation or Easy Walk or a head collar, so you will need to build some good training skills to use it successfully.  It is pricey.

Another popular is the Sense-ation.    It tightens and puts pressure on the dogs shoulders when the dog pulls.  Easy-Walk is very similar.  They give more control than the Walk In Sync.  Drawbacks:  they can slip off if not fitted or attached well and the dog pulls backwards just right.

If you want even more information on collars and harnesses, including evaluation of prong and pinch collars, see this great article by the wonderful Dr. Sophia Yin.

Head Halters:

Head halters (also called head collars) are not muzzles and the dog can breathe and take treats.  These can be a great help for pulling, but like all equipment you need to learn to use it properly.

Gentle Leader is lightweight and redirects the dogs head.  The Walk N Train Head Halter is more sturdy.  In addition to redirecting the dog’s head it, closes around the dog’s mouth when the dog pulls and has an extra attachment to the collar.

You need to condition your dog to wearing the head collar before you start using it!  If you are considering a head collar such as Gentle Leader look at this video first!

Chews and Toys:

My favorites are the original Kongs.  The black ones are better for stronger chewers.  For puppies and dogs just learning about stuffable toys I like the Holee Roller – you can stick a whole biscuit or piece of jerky inside and the dog quickly learns to get the treat out.   It can be destroyed by some dogs, however.  I also love the Kong Wobbler for more advanced dogs.

Bully sticks, cow hooves, and antlers cut down the middle lengthwise to expose the interior are also pretty good.  I like to shove some Natural Balance into the tip of a hoof.  Raw, meaty marrow bones that are a few inches long (usually femur) are good, too.  I scoop out some of the marrow because too much can cause diarrhea in some dogs.  And the bones can splinter, so do supervise.  My dogs love have loved these most.

All dogs are different and you should select chews based on your dog’s teeth, health, and digestion, chewing strength and preferences.    All  toys and chews can be destroyed, and all have their pros and cons so be careful and supervise to prevent the dog from swallowing pieces of the toy.  They should not be small enough to swallow (f they can fit the whole thing in their mouth its usually too small).  Supervision while chewing is wise.


The Kuranda Bed useful for some dogs when training them to go to their place/bed.  Because it is raised, the boundary and distinction between on and off the bed is very clear.  Remember dogs love conf beds.  If your goal is to keep the dog off the couch, it will help if he has a comfy bed.

Baby Gates:

I like the metal ones that swing open in the middle without having to remove them.  You will need to measure your door width.  Some of these damage the paint on the door frame.  Get one that is a good height for your dog so that he will not jump over it too easily.

Treat Pouches:

There are lots on the market.  Eco-city and Doggone Good make some that are pretty deep.  I like the ones that can hold treats as well as a toy, bags, my keys and a clicker.  Etsy has some fashionable hip packs.  If you don’t use a treat pouch make sure you have pockets that allow fast easy access to yummy treats.


I prefer flat buckle and Martingale Style Collars.



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