Call Your Dog to Come (Successfully) – Be The Cookie

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If you want to call your dog to come to you, it helps if your dog is motivated and eager to do it.  That’s what I mean by “being the cookie.”  Turn yourself into a reward.  Here are some things that you can do to “be the cookie.”

Use the Right Sounds

Scientific research by PhD behaviorist and author Patricia demonstrated that short staccato sounds have a special character that encourages fast movement — and that is what you want to when your dog comes to you, right?  Its no secret that certain sounds have certain character — minor chords are more melancholy, hard loud sounds startle and get your heart going and may even provoke fear.

As it turns out, short staccato upbeat sounds can have the effect of encouraging your dog to move to you!  That is why you need to pick a recall cue that encourages your dog to come to you.   Think of  something rapid and upbeat with a few syllables, like “pup-pup-pup.”  I like “Gin-ger-Touch!” for my dog.  (Here is an article by Dr. McConnell about her research.)

Tapping your legs or clapping your hands can help, too!

Move Backwards

Dogs love to chase.  If you run away from your dog he will be motivated to run after you!!  On the other hand if you chase your dog he will almost surely run away, and have alot of fun doing it!

Reward Your Dog

Its ALWAYS a good idea to praise your dog and give her a cookie for coming back to you.

Let Your Dog Go Again

If every time you call your dog you put on his leash and take him away from something fun he will not want to come to you.  Be The Cookie by calling him, grabbing his collar, giving him a cookie and then telling him to go play again.  He will love you for it.

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Laurene von Klan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer serving West Los Angeles
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