Dog Training, Results & Testimonials

garciaGarcia is a 4 year old Terrier/Poodle mix who was rescued around the age of 6 months from the West LA Shelter. When he came to live with us at the age of 1 he was a typical rescue pup with few dog skills and a lot of energy which he mainly expressed through his anxiety.

We attended a short weekly group training session which provided the building blocks of basic dog training for Garcia. He learned some essential skills and more importantly bonded with us around the training. When we had some issues occur after the training period Laurene attended for some private training and provided excellent web based and written resources.

I have no doubt that Laurene’s skill and experience has contributed in a large part to making Garcia the fine young adult dog he is today.

Laurene is not only personable, calm and great with dogs but she is an articulate and patient trainer of humans, too.

 – Oliver I., Venice

testbulldogFor the last 7 years, I have had a very stubborn English bulldog, Sophie. And she and I have unfortunately fallen into bad habits….that is until Laurene came into our lives!!! Just in a few sessions, Laurene has made a huge difference in Sophie’s behavior. Laurene trained Sophie (and me!) on how to have her “come to me”, “interrupt her barking at sounds like a baby crying”, and “more easily get her attention away from other distractions”. Laurene is smart, patient and extremely supportive in a non-judgmental way. And she clearly cares about dogs and wants the best for them and their human parents. I would recommend Laurene in a heartbeat!!!                                          Barb S., San Francisco

MurphyI have been a dog owner for most of my life, and Laurene has provided me and my wife with many useful tools that have helped us train our newest rescue puppy. She is extremely caring about the dog’s success and is always accessible via email or phone.          Brett F.,   Venice

Laurene’s knowledge of dog behavior is phenomenal. Her problem solving for each individual dog is unique and can actually be fun. She creates games that stimulate the dog and owner making what was once a problem a rewarding success. Be it a rescue dog, puppy or adult, big or small, pure bred or “pure mixed” doesn’t phase her a bit. Her follow up on every dog, not just mine, is incredible. I took a group class and got so much personal attention that it could have been private. She is caring, confident and secure which makes her a great trainer and has a profound effect on both dog and owner. I would continue  training with her in a heartbeat!             Jane S., Malibu

Laurene is truly a gifted trainer. I really feel like I know dogs. I have had many dogs and trained have them all my life since, I was a kid. I met Laurene at an obedience class in which I was working with a very high energy McNab (a herding dog) who had a lot of issues that were out of my skill range. Laurene came to the house and we worked together for over a month on aggression issues, leash work, and door response. Laurene worked out methods for all of these issues and we felt that she really was very observant of Shiloh’s behavior and came up with amazing solutions. Laurene truly is a great trainer for multiple issues and will work endlessly with you and your family in a calm and instructive way. Triple AAA rating and beyond.                                                  Cathy O., Los Angeles

testimonialThe greatest contribution Laurene gave Piper and I is improved communication… I was confused why Piper and I kept stalling in our training. The truth is Piper needed more concise communication from me, and Laurene was able to isolate that… The other thing Laurene helped us with is expectations. My girl is very smart, but she is also still very young. I learned that I may be expecting too much from her. Once those issues were brought to light we began making progress.

-Lucky S., Santa Monica

Laurene is a pleasure to work with.  I particularly enjoyed immensely taking her class “Beyond the Backyard” this past summer.  Laurene is a very attentive instructor and the class was very good for my dog Phoebe who tends to get very distracted when she’s outside her usual environment.  She gave me many tips for those situations and beyond as I have a few issues with Phoebe pulling when we walk.  We continue to practice the exercises she recommended and Phoebe is doing better and better with each passing day.  I am very grateful for her help.  I recommend this class to anyone who wants to have a well-behaved dog while out and about.

-Milena P. and Phoebe

Fred and I want to thank you for a great class. Beyond The Backyard was all we had hoped for, and just what we needed for Aunee. We needed to be able to generalize her understanding of commands for all situations and amp up the distractions to help her achieve this. The class gave us the tools to work with her and she has improved so much! We really appreciated you tailoring the training needed for each individual dog and owner, and their level, rather than a one size fits all approach.
I would recommend your class to anyone seeking to have a well behaved dog beyond their backyard. Some pet owners may not be interested in formal obedience but want their dog to be a good citizen – this is the perfect class for that. At the same time, it can work for handlers who are training in obedience (or conformation, agility, etc) – even those skills may not necessarily be generalized to a setting beyond the show ring. It’s another way to bond with your dog!

-Deb, Fred and Aunee

We completely enjoyed the Beyond the Backyard Class and appreciated you as a trainer. We definitely want to take another class with you very soon, so thank you so much. We appreciated your honesty and the pacing of the course. Matt and I learned a lot from you and liked how productive each class was. You got right to business and allowed us to practice a lot in front of you. We also loved how you would correct us as handlers in order to be better for our dogs. So thank YOU!

We look forward to the next one!

-Veronica and Matt