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About Laurene

Laurene von Klan - Santa Monica Dog TrainingLaurene von Klan is a certified dog trainer in Santa Monica.   Laurene has lived just about her whole life with one or more rescue dogs — the nippy wire fox terrier, the hound who marathon–trained with her, the fearful catahoula, and the herding disc-dog who helped raise her son.  Over the years with these dogs she learned training methods ranging from old-style correction, to remote collars, to the latest marker and engagement training.   Today Laurene believes that the most effective training is accomplished with positive methods that reward good behavior, and corrections that teach your dog to make good choices and that do not cause fear or pain.

Laurene and her rescue dog Ginger compete in dog sports and train with the West LA Obedience Training Club.  Ginger has earned numerous AKC Rally and Obedience Titles, and lots of blue ribbons on the way — pretty good for a shelter puppy on the euthanasia list!  Laurene and Ginger run and hike together on area trails. Laurene earned her dog training certificate, with honors, from Animal Behavior College (ABC), and is now am approved Mentor Trainer for aspiring trainers enrolled with ABC.   She is also a CPDT -KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and has presented at its annual conference and writes for their magazine. She  serves on the Board of Directors of the APDT Foundation.  She has trained for K9 connection, a non-profit that helps teens and shelter dogs by pairing them together for life skills training.  She is a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior college.  Laurene also volunteers at the West LA Animal Shelter.

Prior to moving becoming a certified dog trainer, Laurene worked as a non-profit executive in Chicago.  She received several awards including recognition as one of Chicago’s Most Influential Women. She lives with her son, partner, dog, and cat.

Training Approach

Peace of Mind

You want life with your dog to be fun and worry free. But does jumping on guests or your dog’s leash behavior keep you up at night? Maybe your dog needs more exercise so that you can relax when you come home at night? Maybe you don’t have time to do all the training that you would like? I will help you develop strategies and provide support that allows you to relax and enjoy your dog.


Do you want your dog to listen to you? Do you wish you could tell him what you want him to do? Of course! All relationships depend on communication. I help you establish communication with your dog so that your dog knows what you expect from him and so that you understand what your dog wants and feels.  Then, I will help you set up a structure so that you don’t have to worry so much about your dog — your dog will be well-behaved because when he is, good things happen for him. I will help you motivate your dog and set limits. My methods are generally positive, force-free, and fun for you and your dog.  The American Veterinary Society of Animal supports my methods like mine.  Read their position statements on punishment, dominance, and how to pick a trainer

Science and Laurene’s Big Dream

So much is happening to advance understanding of dog behavior! Laurene follows the research and has presented on the topic at the national Association of Professional Dog Training (APDT) conference. Her goal is to bring the science to you so your training can be most effective.  Laurene uses methods based on the principles of learning and behavior developed by B.F. Skinner and others since then. Treats, toys, praise and other things your dog values reinforce what he learns and motivate him to continue good behaviors.  Corrections can be applied once your dog knows what he is supposed to do.

Admittedly, science has its limits.  It needs to be combined with technique, compassion, intuition, and teaching skills to be effective.

Laurene’s big dream is to apply her knowledge of dog training, her passion for science, and her policy, project development and non-profit experience to change the social systems that cause so many dogs to be senselessly abandoned to shelters,  mistreated, and euthanized.

Customized and Flexible Style

No two families and no two dogs are the same. I will work with you to help you train your dog so that he fits into your lifestyle. If you want to run with your dog, I will show you good equipment and handling. If you want to take your dog to sit outside at the cafe, I’ll show you how to teach him to be calm. If you have a new puppy or shelter dog, I will help you get off to the right start before problems develop. We will develop a training plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.