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Rottweiller Puppy In TrainingWe started training our energetic Rottweiler puppy with Laurene when he was just 10 weeks old and have continued to work with her periodically as he has grown. Thanks to Laurene our dog focuses on us, comes when we call him and goes outside to “empty” on cue. We also worked on polite greetings for guests at the door and good manners on leash. We get comments from strangers saying how well-behaved and attentive he is. It has been a pleasure working with Laurene, and we are happy with the results. -Andrew and Julie, Venice CA

Bentley photoGiven the demands of a young puppy and the high energy of Portuguese Water Dogs, Laurene started an intensive 2 month journey with us within 3 days of our bringing home a new 8 week old pup. Laurene did much more than basic training with Bentley, and worked tirelessly to introduce him to many people, places, and situations given the critical 8-12 week window for socialization. I was very anxious during this time given my own busy schedule, and Laurene always promptly responded to my calls and helped me make other trusted contacts for our puppy’s needs. Laurene’s manner with Bentley was always fun and loving, and from a tremendously knowledgeable perspective. There is no doubt that Laurene’s guidance and attention is what got us through those crazy first two months. Bentley is now 6 months old and simply terrific due in large measure to her early work with him. Thank you, Laurene!!                                   Alessandra A., Malibu

four dogs chairI have four small, hyperactive, rescue dogs.  When I got the 4th dog it was really overwhelming.  He had absolutely no training and limitless energy.  It became a pack of 4 little dogs and I wasn’t sure where to start to control them.  Laurene came in and was very calm with me and with the dogs.  I really think most trainers would not want to step into this mess.  She showed me how to get the dogs to respond to treats and positive reinforcement. The result has been amazing. They actually sit at the door instead of being wild, and our guests comment on it. Several of them are “dog lovers” and they say they have never seen anything like it.  We have workers in and out of the house constantly and the dogs will come to me with a “touch” command in preference to nipping at their heels. When I got the 3rd dog I got a trainer.  The trainer looked overwhelmed and immediately recommended a shock collar and discipline. Laurene never talked about discipline. She talked about rewards. The fourth dog was fearful and without a positive approach he might have stayed that way and maybe we wouldn’t have been able to keep him.  When I think about people or dogs, we really respond to rewards and not discipline.  I have always been more motivated by rewards and praise, and I think my dogs are too. I have four of the best, happiest dogs I could imagine. -Bill K., Santa Monica

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